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Mission and Vision


The Squad's mission is to be to provide timely and quality Emergency Medical Services to all people in the greater Canandaigua region.

Our dedication to our mission is demonstrated by our staff every day. We conduct on-going education all year to better prepare our staff on new and changing medical protocols and procedures. We review technology to see how we can apply it to improve the delivery of service to our patients. We continually review our time performance against established benchmarks to ensure we are delivering timely service. We not only review our own clinical performance, but participate in the Regional and State review process to ensure our clinical practice meets or exceeds current standards.


The Squad holds the vision that through the provision of healthcare services and education in the communities we serve the impact of medical or traumatic emergencies can be reduced or mitigated.

We recognize that the healthcare service we provide has a direct impact on the potential outcome of our patients. We strive to improve our practice through benchmarking leading agencies in the industry and participating in multiple studies to improve the delivery of healthcare services.

We also recognize the importance of community education and prevention. We see that our direct involvement as one of many concerned agencies in this venture adds to the reduction of avoidable injury and illness.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the fastest way to request an ambulance?
  • How can I help the ambulance squad?
  • Why did I receive a bill?
  • I have a question about a bill.
  • When are the ambulances staffed?
  • Do you have walkers or wheelchairs?

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